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Gently Lighting the Path

27 December
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I'd prefer not to tell things about myself,and let others find out on their own. It's much more interesting that way,isn't it? I'm generally a very cheerful person,probably because of my addiction to sweet things and coffee;in these sugar moods,I do more harm to others than to myself. I don't really have an evil side to me(though I do lose my temper/cheerfulness on an average of three times a week at least...)
I'm a very complicated person, and I'll admit that I can take minor matters to very deep levels..let's just say that's how I am and let it go at that.
I consider myself lucky to be charged with watching over(and being watched over) by the devil,vampire/神様 and psycho-元気-guitar genius. This watching business has made me(in my opinion and those around me)to be a weird/crazy person,but whatever.I just love to live and I love music, and I love being me. Now who cares what others say??!